Five Precautions to Stay Safe when Away for Work

Five Precautions to Stay Safe when Away for Work

Five Precautions to Stay Safe when Away for Work

Are you concerned with traveling for work during the pandemic?  Do you wonder how you are going to keep yourself safe when living in a community or apartment complex?  There are many perks to living in an arrangement for corporate housing in Spartanburg, SC, but you will also want to keep yourself safe and healthy when you are in common areas.  There are a few precautions you want to take to stay safe and healthy when you are away for work and living in a community.

Wear a Mask

When you are in common areas that have more than one person visiting them, you should wear your face mask.  This will protect others from your germs, which can actually prevent the spread of disease like COVID-19.  When you choose to visit the lobby, go to the fitness center, and utilize any other indoor amenities, you should wear your mask while you are there.

Avoid Peak Times

If you have noticed that the fitness center is more crowded during particular times of the day, adjust your schedule so that you can avoid going during peak hours.  Avoiding crowds is another line of defense that you can use to stay safe from the spread of disease.  When you are paying attention to the behaviors of others, you can change your routine so that you can feel more comfortable when you are in common areas.

Touch Fewer Surfaces

Whenever you can avoid touching common surfaces, you should.  You should avoid touching doorknobs, stair railings, elevator buttons, and door handles whenever you can.  Although sometimes you need to touch these surfaces, you will want to thoroughly wash your hands after each time you do.  Be conscious of avoiding these high-touch surfaces so that you lower your risk of bringing home any germs.

Wait Your Turn

Instead of pushing yourself to get on the elevator with other people or walk through the door at the same time as others, you should keep your distance and wait your turn.  Avoid getting too close and remember to maintain a six-foot distance between yourself and others to decrease your risks.  Take time to slow down your normal pace of life, and you will likely adjust to having to wait until people leave a certain area to enter.  

Avoid Crowded Areas

When you are traveling for work, it can be tempting to go check out the hot spots in your new city and go catch a sports game.  However, it would be beneficial for you to avoid any crowded and busy areas this year.  Choose activities that you can do outdoors and in nature, so that you keep your distance from crowds.

These are a few of the precautions you should take to keep yourself safe when you are living in a corporate housing arrangement for work travel.  If you are looking for quality and clean corporate housing in Spartanburg, SC, contact us to hear how we can help you today.

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