How to Make Friends when Living in a Temporary Housing Community

How to Make Friends when Living in a Temporary Housing Community

How to Make Friends when Living in a Temporary Housing Community

When you are relocated for work, it can be easy to feel alone in a new city.  However, when you are living in temporary housing in Spartanburg, SC, you will belong to a community that can be found right outside your doorstep.  By engaging with your neighbors and participating in community life, you will be able to make friends and have company during your stay.  There are a few suggestions for how to make friends during your temporary work stay.

Introduce Yourself

Whenever you meet new neighbors, take a few minutes to introduce yourself to them.  This will establish you as a neighborly team player, and it will also help you start making friends and acquaintances within the apartment community.   This is also important since you will likely be seeing the same people each day.  Next time, you'll just be able to wave hello, but you should take time to introduce yourself shortly after you move in.

Find Common Interests

After you see the same people doing similar activities as you, you may want to start a friendship with them.  If you see someone working out at the gym with you, or you notice that the same person is always sunbathing near you each weekend, don't be afraid to strike up a conversation and try to connect.  You already have common interests, so talk about that.  Invite them out to dinner or to a social event if you are looking for some company.

Spend Time Outside

Don't just hole yourself up in your apartment each day and night.   Get out of your apartment and spend time walking the complex.  Go on the walking trails or lounge by the pool.  Enjoy some the amenities by visiting different places within the complex.  By simply showing that you value the community that you are now living in, people will recognize that you are an integral member of the complex.  This will make you approachable for any potential friends to come talk to you.

Respect the Rules

Simple things like staying quiet after a certain hour in the evening and keeping clutter off your porch and balcony can go a long way.  When you are living in a community, people want to know that you respect the property and home you live in.  If you show neglect for your belongings by leaving messes and disregarding your neighbors, you will develop a negative reputation, which will make it difficult to quickly make friends.

These are just a few simple tips to help you make friends while you are living in temporary housing for work relocation.  It can be isolating and difficult to travel to a new place for work, but with a community behind you, it can be made easy.  If you are interested in our temporary housing in Spartanburg, SC, contact us today to hear how we can assist you with setting up work housing arrangements.


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