Questions to Ask Your Employees Before You Arrange Corporate Housing

Questions to Ask Your Employees Before You Arrange Corporate Housing

Questions to Ask Your Employees Before You Arrange Corporate Housing

When you are assigning corporate housing options for your employees while they are away on work relocation, you want to be sure to keep their interests in mind.  Some of your employees may be bringing their families with them, meaning they will require a larger place.  Others may be more interested in an urban location with public transportation.  Some employees may require handicap accessibility.  These are important factors to consider when arranging corporate housing in Greenville, SC.  Before you arrange corporate housing, there are a few questions you need to ask your employees to ensure that you make the best choices for them.

Do you need special accommodations?

Employees may have certain requirements when they are relocated for work.  Asking these questions in advance will help you prepare for their arrival and prevent any setbacks once they arrive.  If your employee needs any handicap accessibility, you will want to make the proper arrangements.  Sometimes, employees with limited mobility may request housing on the ground level.  Employees with allergies may require certain things to be removed before they move.  Check with your employees to better understanding their living needs.

Are you bringing your car?

Employees that are travelling to cities within a driving distance may want to take their own vehicle.  This means you will have to be aware of parking arrangements for their vehicle.  Urban locations may be a bad choice for those who are taking their own car.  On the other hand, those who are not taking their vehicle may require a car rental once they get to the city they are relocated to.  Perhaps this means they will need to be within walking distance or that they will need a pass for public transportation.

Are you bringing your family?

Employees with families may be bringing them when they relocating for a work assignment.  This question is necessary to determine the size of the housing they will need.  It will also help you to make choices on location, as your employees will have to also consider the needs of the rest of their family when they are living in a new city.  

Are you bringing any pets?

Employees with pets may want to bring them when they are relocated for work.  Those who bring their pets will need to have housing arrangements that are pet-friendly.  Many options have dog parks or walking trails that help to keep both your employee and their furry friend happy while they are away for work.  

These are a few questions you'll need to ask your employees before you arrange their corporate housing assignments.  When they are working on a relocation assignment, you want to be sure that they are comfortable and satisfied with their arrangements.  This will keep their morale up, which gives them incentive to positive represent your company while they are away on work.  When you are looking for quality corporate housing in Greenville, SC, contact us today to hear about our excellent booking service and arrangements. 

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