Five Items You Should Always Pack for a Business Trip

Five Items You Should Always Pack for a Business Trip

Five Items You Should Always Pack for a Business Trip

Are you preparing for a business trip?  Have you recently been asked to travel for work for an extended period of time? Whether you travel for work frequently or this opportunity is brand new, you will likely be excited to take your career to the next level.  You are probably even more excited if you are staying in furnished housing in Greenville, SC, which will allow you to stay in a property that has many amenities and perks.  These are a few of the items that you will not want to forget when you are packing for a work trip, no matter where you are staying.  

Business Cards

Although these may seem outdated to millennials and Gen Z’s, business cards are still an incredibly important marketing tool to pass along personal information.  When you are travelling, you can expect people to ask for your number, your qualifications, your email, and other important information.  Consider making up some business cards so that this information can be easily passed to those who ask.


Travelling can mean long days in airports.  Travelling for business can mean that you need to jump right into a meeting as soon as you land.  For this reason, you should always have some gum or breath mints on hand.  If you are called into a meeting when you did not expect it, you can just pop in some breath mints and be ready to go.

Dress Clothes

Always be prepared with a few outfits that are a little dressier than your normal work attire.  If you are pulled into an important conference or asked to go to fine dining with a client, you want to be prepared with an outfit.  Men should pack a sport jacket, pair of nice shoes, tie, and dress pants so that you have a full outfit ready for anything.  Women should pack a skirt and blouse or fancy, professional dress with heels or nice shoes.

Laptop and Extra Charger

Although your company likely provides you with all the technology you need, you may want to consider bringing a personal laptop if you enjoy spending time on the computer for personal reasons.  This can allow you to make Zoom calls to loved ones at home or play video games when you are travelling for work.

Flash Drive

A flash drive is something that you should keep in your pocket or work bag when you are travelling for business reasons.  This allows you to easily  transfer any files from your computer to your clients’, and it also allows you to pick up any important information quickly so that you have all the resources you need to get the job done.

These are a few of the products that you should not forget when you are packing for a business trip.  If you are planning to travel for work soon, you should consider staying in furnished housing in Greenville, SC so that you can still feel all the joys of home away from home.  Contact Upstate Corporate Housing to hear about our accommodations today.

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