Five Simple Habits to Keep Your Temporary Home Clean Despite Being Busy with Work

Five Simple Habits to Keep Your Temporary Home Clean Despite Being Busy with Work

Five Simple Habits to Keep Your Temporary Home Clean Despite Being Busy with Work

Are you constantly cleaning up after yourself on long workdays?  Do you struggle to find the time to clean your corporate housing rental because you are always working?  Living in corporate housing in Spartanburg, SC is a great way to feel like you are at home even when you are away for work, but it comes with some responsibilities of tidying up after yourself.  This can be difficult after spending too many hours at the office.  However, these simple habits can keep your temporary home clean when you are busy.

Follow a No-Shoes Policy

Implement a no-shoes policy by taking off your shoes when you first walk into your rental doors.  When guests come over, you should also ask them to take their shoes off before they come in.  This will remove dirt and other small particles from being transferred from the bottoms of shoes to other areas in your apartment.  

De-clutter Each Day

Get in the habit of decluttering your place as you go through your day.  For example, hang your clothes up if you chose not to wear them that day.  Put your bathroom products away after you do your morning routine.  Rinse dishes after breakfast.  These simple decluttering tips will save you time when it comes time to clean your entire apartment later, as you will not need to do as much organizing first.

Unpack Belongings

Hidden storage solutions are helpful in keeping stuff out of view when you live in an apartment.  Many corporate housing rentals offer furniture that will keep your belongings more organized, like dressers, desks, and bookcases.  Be sure to take advantage of these furnishing options so that you can enjoy a clean place.

Make Your Bed Everyday

Each morning, you should get in the habit of making your bed when you wake up.  Although this may not seem like an important task, it can set the tone for a clean and polished day ahead.  When you just jump out of bed and throw your covers all around, you may be more likely to treat the rest of your apartment the same way as you get ready for work.

Keep Materials Close

Have you ever put off cleaning simply because the stuff you need was in a different room?  By making cleaning convenient, you increase the chances that you will spot clean or wipe up messes as they happen.  Keep kitchen cleaners under the kitchen sink, and store bathroom cleaners under the bathroom sink to make these jobs much more efficient.


These are a few everyday habits that will keep your rental clean even when you are busy with work.  Being overwhelmed with work when you are travelling on assignment can make everyday tasks more difficult.  With our corporate housing in Spartanburg, SC, you can feel at home when you travelling.  Contact us to hear about our rental arrangements for your next trip today.

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