How to Stay Safe When Travelling on a Plane for Work

How to Stay Safe When Travelling on a Plane for Work

How to Stay Safe When Travelling on a Plane for Work

Are you about to travel for work?  Do you need to take a plane to get to your temporary work assignment?  Whether you are nervous to fly or excited for the new opportunity, you want to make sure that you stay safe and healthy during travel.  This means that you'll want to pack your PPE and extra cleaning supplies for the journey to your corporate housing in Greenville, SC.  When you travel smart, you will prevent the spread of infection and keep yourself healthy while you are travelling on a plane in close proximity to others.

Pack Your Face Masks

We all know that airplanes require everyone on board to be wearing a face mask.   Face masks have become the essential PPE that protects others from our germs.  Because COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, it is spread through drops of saliva that pass from one person to another.  Wearing face masks, especially on airplanes, decreases our chances of spreading these germs to another person.  Face masks protect others from breathing in these droplets and getting sick themselves.

Wear Gloves

Many people wear gloves to protect themselves from touching surfaces that may have live coronavirus on it.  It is believed that the virus can stay active for a few hours on surfaces, and this can leave you susceptible to picking it up when you touch surfaces at work or at the store.  When you wear gloves, you can quickly dispose of them when you are done touching certain surfaces, like the seat in front of you or the bathroom door of the aircraft.

Consider Wearing a Face Shield

Face shields are other pieces of PPE that you may want to consider wearing when you are flying on a plane.  Because you will be in close quarters with many individuals that are travelling from various parts of the world, you will want to be extra cautious.  This will prevent people, who maybe aren't wearing a mask themselves, from infecting them with their saliva when they speak.  Also, this will protect you from germs that can come in your eyes as well.

Use Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is another staple that you will want to keep in your pocket when you are travelling.  Use hand sanitizer liberally to disinfect your hands after you touch any surfaces on the plane.  This includes the seat handle, headphones, buttons on the touchscreen, and the seatbelt.  You will also want to use hand sanitizer when you are in the airport as well.  It will be the best line of defense until you can wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

These are some of the PPE that you will want to pack when you need to travel on a plane for a work assignment.  Although traveling for work purposes is an enjoyable opportunity, you will want to do so safely.  By staying at our corporate housing in Greenville, SC, you can have the comforts of home, many amenities, and a clean community to call home when you are away for work.  Contact us to make your reservations today.

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