What is Corporate Housing and Who Uses It?

What is Corporate Housing and Who Uses It?

What is Corporate Housing and Who Uses It?

If you're going on a five-day work trip, you will likely book a room at a hotel that offers business-friendly amenities and maybe some extra entertainment options. But for many whose jobs require extended stints and unfamiliar locations, hotels may not be the best choice. A hotel never feels quite like home does, and living a hotel lifestyle can get expensive for the business traveler and the company. Corporate housing in Spartanburg SC is a better option.

Corporate housing is fully serviced, furnished accommodation that is available to rent temporarily. All you're required to bring with you are your personal belongings and food for the fridge. Corporate housing is also commonly referred to as serviced apartments, temporary housing, short-term housing, or corporate apartments.

The average stay in corporate housing is 2 to 3 months. This is quite a bit longer than a typical business trip. You may find that some corporate housing providers require minimum stays of 14 to 30 days. Single-family homes may be available as corporate housing, but typically corporate housing is located in apartments or condos, depending on the local market. It's also important to understand that corporate housing does not just refer to the physical space being rented but also a suite of services included with your rental. This suite of services typically consists of all appliances and furnishings, utilities, internet service, telephone service, and cable or satellite TV. Some corporate housing providers also offer amenities like swimming pools and gyms.

Who uses corporate housing?

Corporate housing is traditionally used by business travelers and government employees on extended assignments. Corporate housing has also become helpful for relocating employees, especially corporate executives. Employees that are relocating may live in corporate housing temporarily until they find a good neighborhood or while selling their house or finding a new one. With the use of corporate housing, there's no pressure to rent or buy a new place immediately. If a new city or position turns out not to be a good fit, then there's no lease to be broken.

Medical interns and business interns also turn to corporate housing for their temporary lodging needs. Renting an all-inclusive apartment takes away the need for arranging for utilities, housewares, and furniture. And renters can pay one fee that takes care of everything they need to live a happy, normal life. In addition, corporate housing is often used for homeowners temporarily displaced by fires or other disasters. Insurance companies take on the cost of putting claimants in housing similar to the housing being repaired for them.

Corporate housing is also appropriate for people going on extended vacations. If you're likely to be exploring a place for 30 days or more, why spend extra money on a hotel suite when you can live in local corporate housing? In addition, the option for short-term leasing gives travelers the opportunity of living their life away in the comfort of a place very similar to home.

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