Can You Legally Copy Your Apartment Keys?

Can You Legally Copy Your Apartment Keys?

Can You Legally Copy Your Apartment Keys?

Moving into corporate housing in Greenville, SC, opens the door to new memories and experiences. On move-in day, your property manager will clarify the dos and don'ts of living in the complex. Nevertheless, they usually overlook one essential detail — replicating your apartment keys.

Whether you need a spare for a loved one or a pet sitter or feel apprehensive about being locked out, it's crucial to learn whether it's legal to copy your key. Depending on where you live, duplicating your key may be against the limitations outlined in your lease contract. Therefore, before you make a copy, you need to know what you can and can't do concerning your apartment keys.

The lawfulness of reproducing apartment keys

Before going into the details of whether or not your current lease permits you to copy your apartment key, it's technically not unlawful to create a copy. So even if the key has 'do not copy' stamped on it, you're not violating the law by having it copied. Likewise, there is nothing criminal about a locksmith cutting a key that has 'do not copy' forged into it. The only problem is if the key format has patent protection. In this case, authorization is required for duplication.

Often, a 'do not copy' demand printed on a key does nothing but give a tenant a false sense of security. Of course, you assume this means there are no other copies of the key floating around, but it's not necessarily the case.

It may reduce your candidates when obtaining a second key, but it doesn't mean its impossible. Certain hardware stores won't duplicate a key stamped with a 'do not copy' notice. Nevertheless, locksmiths will generally make copies for you. They're more aware that the request on the key is just that, a proposal and not a ruling.

Lawful vs. allowed

Although you know it's legal to copy apartment keys, it doesn't mean you're off the hook with your landlord if it's not allowed. depending on your lease and the rules enforced by your property manager, copying a key without authorization can still get you in hot water. It won't be the kind of trouble involving a police officer, but it can lead to unfortunate repercussions. Therefore, it's always best to look at apartment-specific documents first to know what's allowed before thinking reproducing a key is permitted.

Look at your lease

The lease contract clearly outlines all rules and regulations associated with living in your apartment. Therefore, it's the best place to look at when you need clarification about what you can and can't do.

Each lease contract is a little different, so it's always a smart idea to read over it carefully. Depending on where you live and who governs your building, strict conditions can be documented in your lease. For instance, copying a key could be a severe infraction with a fine or even become a breach of contract in some circumstances.

We hope this helps you know whether you can lawfully copy your apartment keys. Contact us if you are looking for corporate housing in Greenville, SC.

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