Four Tips for Cooking Seafood Without Stinking Up Your Place

Four Tips for Cooking Seafood Without Stinking Up Your Place

Four Tips for Cooking Seafood Without Stinking Up Your Place

Living near the coast means access to reasonably priced, fresh seafood. If you are like us, you love cooking up seafood for a fraction of the cost you would spend for a seafood dish at a restaurant. The only disadvantage is the fishy scent that tries to linger long after the feast has been devoured. If you avoid making your favorite seafood dishes because you fear the smell will take over your whole apartment building, there is a better way. Experts from our temporary housing in Greenville, SC, offer the following tips for cooking seafood without smelling up your living space.

Find the freshest seafood available

This should be pretty clear, but sometimes people really don't think about it. Begin with the freshest seafood you can get your hands on. Luckily, living near the coast makes it simple for us to pick up fresh seafood. To be certain it stays as fresh as possible, wait to buy it until the day you cook it. If you employ the freshest seafood or fish and cook it up with fresh garlic and onions, the smell of the herbs will cover any fishy smell, and all you will smell is deliciousness. The older fish and seafood get, the smellier they become, so never overlook the value of fresh seafood and fish.

Roast it in the oven

Roasting seafood and fish in your oven instead of sautéing or frying it on the stovetop will also help you avoid fishy odors. Try slow roasting your fresh fish at low temperatures to avoid overcooking it. This cooking method is best used for fatty, less delicate fish, like salmon or arctic char, because lighter fish dries out quickly. The best chefs tell you to add butter, lemon, and herbs to the fish, then wrapping it in foil and roasting it in the oven for the best smell and taste possible.

Use citrus

Keep oranges or lemons handy for cooking seafood and fish because they are great odor fighters. To remove bad smells in your house, try peeling wide strips of zest from citrus fruits and quickly snapping them in half to release citrus oil into the air. If you have ever bartended, it is similar to releasing citrus when making a proper Old-Fashioned. You can rub your seafood or fish with fresh lemon wedges to cut any smells they produce.

Use herbs and potpourri

Another way to avoid the odor of seafood and fish is to gently boil some potpourri in a small pot of water. If you prefer a more natural smell, boil a couple of fresh rosemary sprigs in a small pot of water instead. You can burn your favorite scented candle to soak up any fishy odors.

Use these tips for cooking fish or seafood without stinking up the place. But then, don't forget to take your trash out after cleaning up to ensure the remnants of your fish and seafood aren't marinating in your home. And, if you are interested in temporary housing in Greenville, SC, call us now to schedule your tour. We want to help you find your temporary home.

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