Greenville, South Carolina at a Glance

Greenville, South Carolina at a Glance

Greenville, South Carolina at a Glance

After Idaho, South Carolina was the number two most popular state to move to in 2020. You may have heard about Greenville, South Carolina if you've been paying attention to up-and-coming cities across the United States. Greenville is considered a small city with outgoing, friendly people. It is a lovely place to call home within driving distance to the mountains and the beach. Our experts on furnished housing in Greenville, SC, offer the following things you should know about the city.

It is Affordable to live in Greenville.

Greenville is an excellent place to live and one of the most affordable cities in the southern states. With housing and transportation costs significantly lower than southern cities like Atlanta and Asheville, you can experience the beauty of the south without paying an arm and a leg. As a result, many people are moving to Greenville because of the low cost of living.

You can have year-round outside fun.

Greenville offers impressive outdoor experiences with easy access to essential amenities. The city is surrounded by lakes, waterfalls, rivers, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. When you live in Greenville, your children will beg you to take a hike instead of begging for more time on the internet. Greenville is home to the 20 mile Swamp Rabbit Trail, an abandoned railroad line perfect for biking, running, or walking. In addition, Lake Conastee Nature Preserve is located right outside of Greenville, with 400 Acres of preserved wildlife where you can experience bog walks, paved trails, and more than 200 species of birds.

There are many nearby wilderness areas and parks to explore new, natural, and beautiful regions in the south. Living in Greenville means you're just a short drive from hiking trails, mountain biking, and other outdoor explorations. There are also tremendous opportunities for sailing, whitewater rafting, kayaking, and ziplining.

There are plenty of things to do in Greenville.

There is something here for everyone, whether you enjoy exploring culture during the day or after the setting sun. The downtown area has fantastic scenery like Liberty Bridge overlooking Falls Park to explore during the day. After nightfall, you can experience lively nightlife with plenty of bars and restaurants that stay open late. Yearly there are more than 300 downtown events that include festivals and sports events. Greenville is anything but boring!

Greenville has incredible weather all year.

There is a humid subtropical climate in Greenville. This climate allows for experiencing all four seasons, though the weather is generally enjoyable and mild. Greenville weather is a primary reason people move to the city. Greenville summers are hot and humid, with average temperatures around 80 degrees. Greenville's growing season lasts around 217 days if you are a gardener. Winters are typically dry, cool, and short. The January average temperature is about 43 degrees, and the city only experiences around 5 inches of sleet, snowfall, or ice storms in the winter months.

July is the wettest month, and April is the driest. Typically, there is more precipitation during the spring months than in autumn, though rainfall is generally distributed evenly throughout the year. The city experiences an average of 220 days of sun per year.

The future looks bright, and the economy is strong.

Even though Greenville is considered a small city, it has a higher corporate headquarters concentration than other cities in the region. As a result, Greenville is a great place for economic and commerce interest with low tax rates, market accessibility, and a skilled workforce. In Greenville, you will find various Fortune 500 and multinational company headquarters like 3M, GE, BMW, Michelin, and Lockheed. With steady infrastructure investment and tax revenue surpluses, furnished housing in Greenville, SC is expected to experience future growth.

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