How to Rest Better During Business Travel

How to Rest Better During Business Travel

How to Rest Better During Business Travel

Business travel can be a cognitive and physical drain, from prep to commute. Mapping out unknown territories, meeting with coworkers, and other realities of corporate travels can leave rest low on the focus list of any business traveler. However, you'll find that a good night's sleep is required if you're handling day-to-day work obligations. To help you sleep better when journeying for business, experts from our temporary housing in Spartanburg, SC, prepared a few sleep tips to get you through the most brutal itineraries.

Maintain a consistent slumber and wake-up time

Studies show that a consistent rest and wake-up time is the basis of healthy sleep. The National Sleep Foundation even suggests following a regular sleep schedule to lead a happier, healthier life. That applies to corporate travel, too. Integrating specific sleep times into your plan may be the inspiration you need to stick to them. You may rethink an after-work activity if you understand it heavily conflicts with your sleep schedule. If you have a late night for either business or leisure, try adjusting your schedule to accommodate this. Life happens.

Shut off distractions

Flashing notifications, vibrations, chirps, jingles, and more—ask yourself: "Do I really need to be this available at 3 am?" It's a reality that humans sleep more soundly in total darkness and silence. Take command of your devices to obtain more uninterrupted slumber during business travel. Turn off your cell phone, silence it, or put it on Do Not Disturb. Utilize the next morning to examine any materials you'll require for the day instead of letting them cut into your rest.

Employ the power nap

As a business traveler, you may not get sufficient sleep. However, your mind and body will respect any attempt to catch up. This includes one of the most underrated sleep tips: the power nap. Find pockets of time, whether during your flight, between appointments, after work, before a company dinner, etc., to get 15-30 minutes of downtime. Power naps have been demonstrated to enhance alertness and motor skills, even more than consuming a cup of coffee. If a whole nap isn't possible, just close your eyes in a calm space.

Manage your screen time before bed

Our sleep hygiene is closely linked to our vulnerability to light. Ever wonder why you can't rest on a bright morning? It's the rays shining into your bedroom. These days, it's not only the sun or your bedside lamp exposing you to light – it's your cell phone, tablet, and laptop screens. The Cleveland Clinic suggests three ways in which screen use before bed interrupts slumber:

  • It keeps your brain psychologically engaged.
  • The blue light from the screen represses melatonin (a hormone that controls your sleep/wake cycle).
  • It can usher distracting emotions, thoughts, and dread that delay REM sleep.

Sleep disorder specialists recommend cutting off your screen time an hour before bed.

We hope these suggestions help you sleep more while away on business. If you need temporary housing in Spartanburg, SC, contact us today for more details.

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