Removable Ideas for Your Apartment’s Walls

Removable Ideas for Your Apartment’s Walls

Removable Ideas for Your Apartment’s Walls

Bare walls in an apartment may look great when you first move into your new residence. Over time, however, they can begin to grate on your nerves. Instead of accepting this fact because you are a renter, there are many removable ways to decorate your walls. The great news is that these ideas will not break your lease, so you can still get back your security deposit when you decide to move. You can easily take them along to your new apartment in Simpsonville, SC.

Removable Wall Decals

Decorating your walls with removable wall decals gives you so many different options. Since they are relatively inexpensive, you may even consider changing them by the season or put up new ones for special holidays. Be sure to understand the difference between wall decals and wall stickers. While you can remove both, you will need to use a hairdryer to remove stickers while decals will peel off.


Canvases are a great way to decorate blank apartment walls. You can find canvases featuring many different themes or choose to make your own. While you should not hang them with nails, you can hang them with adhesive strips. They make a great way to show visitors to your apartment in Simpsonville, SC, what your favorite things are, and you can use them to add color to drab surroundings.

Removable Wallpaper

You can change the look of a whole wall with removable wallpaper applied to the entire blank wall. Alternatively, you can use smaller pieces to create an accent wall. You can even cut out letters or shapes to make a personalized design.

Peel-and-stick Tiles

There are many ways to use peel-and-stick tiles to decorate a blank wall. You can use small ones to create a chair rail in your dining room. You can also put several together to make a design on a wall in your living room. They make great options for backsplashes in the kitchen. While you can find many different designs available commercially, you can also have your photos printed on them.


It is easy to fasten a piece of fabric to a blank wall to make it more interesting. You can choose to staple the material to the wall. You can also use the cloth to cover foam board. Then, you can hang it on your wall or frame it before hanging.

Regardless of how you would like to decorate a blank wall in your apartment, you need a fabulous apartment in Simpsonville, SC, to call home. You should Upstate Corporate Housing about their beautiful choices. You will love this complex and the friendly residents who live there. Set up a tour today and start getting ready to move to these luxurious apartment homes in Simpsonville, SC. They look forward to seeing you very soon.

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