Simple Ways to Make Temporary Housing Your Home

Simple Ways to Make Temporary Housing Your Home

Simple Ways to Make Temporary Housing Your Home


Navigating the uncertain waters of temporary housing is a reality for many; be it because of a change in career, the pursuit of a new lifestyle, or unexpected circumstances. It's an experience akin to walking on a tightrope between the comfort of familiar routines and the excitement of the unknown, all while striving for a semblance of homeliness.

For those on the move, particularly to vibrant towns like Greenville, SC, it's essential to demystify the process of settling into temporary residences. In this guide, we will explore just how to transform a transient abode into a personal oasis, fostering comfort and contentment during the interim period.


1. Pack Smart: Quality over Quantity

The secret to settling swiftly is in your suitcase. When space is a luxury, you must become a master of minimalism. Choose only the most versatile, beloved items to accompany you. The goal is not to replicate the entirety of your present home, but to curate a collection of possessions that evoke a sense of belonging. Think quality linens, favorite books, and treasured mementos. These are the things that, when placed in your new space, whisper, “Home”.

The Capsule Cabinet

Construct a capsule wardrobe that can be mixed and matched with ease. Layering pieces, such as scarves and cardigans, give you multifunctional attire suitable for various seasons and occasions. Remember, less fuss over clothing choice means more time to canter leisurely into your daily routine.

Sentimental Essentials

Visual cues are powerful triggers for emotional warmth. Photographs, heirlooms, or even your childhood teddy bear can provide a heartfelt connection to your past life and future aspirations. Surround yourself with items that hold sentimental value, and witness the room transform into your own.

2. Personalize the Space

In temporary housing, the walls may be bland and the furniture uninspired. Don't be daunted—this is a canvas awaiting your creative touch. Simple decor adjustments can breathe life into an otherwise standardized space. Add dashes of personality to infuse it with your unique style.

The Power of Greenery

Plants are natural mood enhancers, adding a touch of the outdoors to your indoor environment. Whether it’s a collection of succulents, a peace lily in the corner, or a majestic rubber tree standing sentinel by the window, greenery softens the stark edges and ushers in a sense of tranquility.

Custom Art and Decals

Peel-and-stick wall art and temporary decals offer a medley of options to portray your passions—be it a skyline of your favorite city, a panorama of the ocean, or a constellation of literary quotes. Such decors are not only adhesive but also reflective, essentially becoming a map that charts your persona in the temporary landscape.

3. Routines and Rituals

Human beings are creatures of habit. Our sanity and satisfaction hinge upon the rituals that pave our daily paths. In temporary housing, it becomes all the more necessary to establish and maintain these routines, no matter how simple they seem.

The Morning Symphony

Mornings are the overture to your day. Craft a morning routine that includes a soothing cup of tea or coffee, a brief meditation, or yoga practice. These intentional acts will serve as anchor points which you can turn to irrespective of where you wake up.

Evening Traditions

Day’s end is the perfect time to wind down. Perhaps it’s lighting the same lavender-scented candle every evening, writing in a gratitude journal, or simply watching the sunset with a familiar radio station playing in the background. These evening rituals form a bridge, leading you gently from the activities of the day to the restorative space of the night.

4. Culinary Consolation

The heart of any home is the kitchen, and even in a temporary setting, it’s paramount to cultivate the pleasures of cooking and eating. This is your opportunity to explore new recipes or perfect old favorites, and in the process, convert your temporary kitchen into a balm for your spirit.

The Kitchen as Hearth

Adorn your cabinets with cookbooks, spices, and utensils. Regular cooking sessions will fill the air with comforting aromas and debunk the myth that a house isn’t a home if the oven isn’t lit.

Homely Dining

Set your table; invest in a rustic wooden bowl for salads, or use your grandmother's china even for a simple lunch. Dine by candlelight or under the gentle glow of string lights. Making mealtime a meaningful event adds structure and soul to your life on the go.

5. Local Connections

While it’s easy to feel like a stranger in a temporary locale, actively seeking connections within the community can afford a sense of belonging. Attend local meetups, join a fitness class, or volunteer. These interactions not only bring you closer to the heartbeat of your new environment, but also provide an emotional grounding that’s vital during periods of transition.

The Welcoming Committee

Communities often have a way of warmly welcoming those who show a genuine interest in participating. Don’t be afraid to share your story, engage with locals, and ask for recommendations—be it for the best walking trails, a yoga studio, or the most happening farmer’s market.

Shared Spaces

Make use of amenities in your temporary housing complex. Whether it’s the office’s book club, the rooftop garden, or the gym, these shared spaces can be catalysts for social interaction and a nurturing environment that extends beyond the walls of your unit.

6. Mindful Adaptation

Acknowledge that change is a transitory state that can be both enriching and enlightening. Approach your temporary housing with a sense of mindfulness, allowing yourself to adapt to new surroundings and experiences, and appreciating the profound lessons they offer.

The Temporary Lifestyle

Temporary living is an exercise in adaptability. It teaches you to appreciate the impermanence of life and the joy of change. Lean into this fluidity; be open to learning from different spaces and cultures. You may be surprised by the resilience and resourcefulness you unlock within yourself as you make another place—temporarily—your home.

Gratitude in Flux

Cultivating a mindset of gratitude can transform the mundane into the magical. Reflect on the opportunities that brought you to this temporary abode, the adventures that await, and the growth that it promises. The simple act of acknowledging the positives can ground you in the present and infuse each day with a newfound purpose.


Temporary housing need not be synonymous with discomfort or disarray. By taking hold of the reins and infusing your personal touch, you can echo the essence of home in the most transient of spaces. Implementing these strategies can pave the way for a seamless and serene transition, and who knows, you may find that a temporary house neatly tucked between the pages of your life story ultimately reveals itself as a significant, cozy chapter. If you're looking into temporary housing in Greenville, SC, contact Upstate Corporate Housing today for more information and get a quote.

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