Unique Decor Ideas for Your Temporary Housing

Unique Decor Ideas for Your Temporary Housing

Unique Decor Ideas for Your Temporary Housing


When life calls for a temporary move, many of us find ourselves in a space that, while not permanent, deserves to feel like home. If Greenville, South Carolina, is your next stop, you're in for a treat. Greenville combines Southern charm with a vibrant cultural scene, and its temporary housing market is diverse.

Decorating your temporary space can make all the difference in how you feel while you're there. Delving into decor that is unique, personal, and adaptable can transform even the most basic apartment into a cozy nest that reflects you.

Here, we'll explore decor concepts that go beyond the ordinary, helping you infuse character and comfort into your temporary housing in Greenville, SC. Whether you're stationed here for work, life, or adventure, these ideas will help you create a space that is truly your own – even if it's only for a while.


Bringing the Outside In: Greenery Galore

Plants are the ultimate mood boosters and can freshen up any space. In temporary housing, they can act as room dividers and provide a personal touch without altering the layout permanently. Greenville is known for its natural beauty, so why not echo its lush environment indoors?

Plant Styling Ideas

  • Vertical Gardens: Create a self-standing botanical haven using planters on wheeled trolleys.
  • Hanging Beauties: Suspend a variety of plants at different lengths from the ceiling to draw the eye upward and give height to your space.
  • Climbing Greens: Encourage vines to grow on a trellis, screen, or rack to soften architectural edges.

Flexible Furniture: Multi-functional and Mobile

The key to creating a welcoming space in temporary housing is versatile furniture. Pieces that serve multiple purposes or can be easily moved make transitions smoother and decorating more fun.

Examples of Flexible Furniture

  • Trundle Beds: Ideal for guests, these under-the-bed storage solutions also provide extra sleeping space.
  • Adjustable Tables: Work, dine, or entertain with tables that can be raised, lowered, or expanded to fit your needs.
  • Wheeled Ottomans: These can function as seating, tables, or footrests, and readily move around to support dynamic living.

Personalizing with Art and Pictures

A temporary home should never feel impersonal. Adding art and photographs can make a space feel yours, even if you'll only be there for a season.

Tips for Art in Temporary Spaces

  • Wall Decals and Mounting Putty: Avoiding nails is crucial in temporary spaces, so these are your go-to for art that sticks without damaging.
  • Gallery Walls with a Twist: Use ladders, dowels, or suspended strings to create a moveable gallery that doesn't require commitment to a wall layout.
  • Portable Art Solutions: Invest in art that's on canvases, boards, or in frames that can easily be packed and moved.

Lighting Love: The Magic of Illumination

Lighting can transform the ambiance of a room, turning it from drab to divine. In a temporary space, it's all about the portable and plug-and-play.

Temporary Lighting Solutions

  • String Lights: Drape or crisscross them to add charm and warmth to any room.
  • Floor Lamps and Sconces: Choose ones with plugs instead of wiring, and you can take them with you when you leave.
  • LED Candles: For safety and serenity, these are ideal for a spa-like bath or cozy evening in.

Texture Time: Layering for Luxe

Incorporating various textures into your decor can create richness and depth in your space. Plus, it's a tactile treat for you and your guests.

Mixing and Matching Textiles

  • Rugs as Anchors: Even in temporary housing, rugs can define spaces and bring color and pattern.
  • Toss Pillows and Throws: Layer them on sofas and beds to invite lounging and relaxation.
  • Window Treatments: Use sheers, shades, or blinds adorned with fabric valances to soften the light and space.

The Final Flourishes: Personal Pops

In all our homes, there are the little things that make us smile and feel at ease. Temporary housing should be no different.

Examples of Personal Pops

  • Collections and Curiosities: Display your treasured finds from Greenville's markets or nature walks.
  • Textile Crafts and DIYs: Create your own wall hangings or repurpose textiles into cushion covers.
  • Scent Sensations: Candles, diffusers, and potpourri can bring inviting fragrances to your quarters.

Remember, the most important aspect of temporary housing decor is that it resonates with you. It's a reflection of your personality and should be designed to lift your spirits and welcome you back at the end of a busy Greenville day.

If you're looking for temporary housing in Greenville, SC, consider reaching out to Upstate Corporate Housing. Their spaces and services can help make your stay a memorable part of your adventure in this beautiful city.

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